Is your PC having issues? running slow or annoying errors on screen?

Like most people the answer to this will be yes! Then your PC requires some Tender Loving Care. Not all computer TLC has to be expensive or under warrantee. Stoke based UK Informatics is on hand to offer onsite home PC repair with low cost, flat fee maintenance, with over 7 years industry leading experience. We are specialists in:

  • Home Network Problems
  • Spyware and Virus Removal
  • Internet Connection Issues
  • Windows Vista, 7 and 8 Problems
  • Windows XP upgrade advise

UK Informatics offers onsite servicing across:

  • Staffordshire
  • Cheshire
  • Shropshire
  • West Midlands

Home Computer Services

Network Problems

Networks are very common in any home or business that have more than one computer, not just limited to Wireless routers or Broadband Internet Connections. Having a working network gives you the freedom to be connected to all your devices with no loss in connection. Typical devices covered are Broadband Routers, Wireless Printers and Mobiles Devices such as Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones. When these fail to connect it is always a struggle to get them working. With our Network Specialist Engineers we will have you up and running in no time.


Spyware and Virus Removal

Slow PC’s and annoying popups are all common symptoms of Spyware and Viruses. Not only are these annoying but these put your personal online details at risk. Our Engineers have a wide knowledge in Virus Removal of trojans, malware, rootkit and spyware. Using the latest software and skills our engineers will have your computer clean and virus free on all windows based computer running Windows XP, 7 and 8.


Internet Connection Issues

There is nothing more annoying than not being unable to access the internet to catch up on your latest emails or social media updates. Tired of calling Broadband Technical Support to be told its not there issue? UK Informatics can quickly diagnose the issue and can offer a second opinion, giving you helpful advice on a quick resolution instead of being stuck on costly premium calls and struggling with the language barriers of over seas call centres.


Windows XP Upgrade Solutions

Scared of the latest news about windows XP no longer supported? do not panic as our computer technicians can offer instant advise on recommended solutions, keeping you and your computer up to date and safe giving increased personal knowledge and recommended upgrade paths.